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  AOP Community of Practice Symposium (February 15, 17, 22, 2022
Posted by: DanV-AOP - 28 Jul 2021, 14:38 - Forum: Anouncements - No Replies

• More effectively using scientific information in impactful decision-making?
• Developing and publishing novel AOPs or contributing to existing AOPs?
• Using AOPs to inform risk assessments, regulation, or policy setting?
• Conducting research to fills critical gaps in existing understanding of biological systems?
• Learning more about AOPs and their applications?
• Shaping the evolution of the AOP framework and AOP-KB?

WHAT: The 1st AOP Community of Practice Symposium, Sponsored by the SAAOP
WHEN: February 15, 17, and 22, 2022
                 Attend one day or all days
WHO: Open to anyone interested in AOPs and their applications
WHERE: Virtual meeting – participate from wherever you are
FORMAT: Three half day meetings (approximately 4 h per day)
•           Rotating start times to accommodate global participation
•           Recorded presentations available for at least 30 d
DAILY AGENDA: 1) Topical thought starter presentations with Q&A (approx. 60 min)
                        2) Open abstracts – presentations with Q&A (approx. 90 min)
                        3) Topical break-out discussions – all welcome to participate (approx. 60 min)



  Request for Coach
Posted by: Shihori Tanabe - 14 Jul 2021, 00:05 - Forum: AOP Guidance - No Replies

Dear Content Developers - please post your AOP proposal, page ideas, or areas of interest here if you would like to be paired with a coach for assistance in content development.

  MySQL error with standard characters
Posted by: rpfstainforth - 24 Jun 2021, 05:14 - Forum: AOP-Wiki Technical Assistance - Replies (2)

I am trying to add a reference under the 'references' section of the following AOP page: https://aopwiki.org/aops/272 - When in edit mode, if I add the reference as intended:

Rage, E. et al., (2020), "PUMA – pooled uranium miners analysis: cohort profile.", Occup Environ Med. 77:194-200. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2019-105981

I receive the MySQL error. I have tried to diagnose what possible characters in the above cause MySQL trouble (the FAQ mentioned greek letters which is not applicable here). Right now, the change will save if I add the reference as follows:

Rage, E. et al., (2020), "PUMA – pooled uranium miners analysis: cohort profile.", Occup En

But the moment I add the 'v' i.e. '....Occup Env' I begin to receive the error again. I have encountered this issue several times before and resolving it each time is an exercise in trial and error. It is unfortunate and is costing me quite a bit of time each time I have to try and edit the AOP.

Please let me know if I am missing anything.



EDIT 1: I have found the cause of the problem, or at least a potential fix. By removing quotation marks from the publication titles the error disappears. Strange, as many of the references had quotation marks and the AOP saved fine with them. I'm guessing a mixture of quotation ("), double left quotation (“) and double right quotation (”) potentially cause MySQL on the back-end issues by defining potential strings variables erroneously. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to mention this on the FAQ section. The OECD style guidelines specifically ask for quotation marks around titles, see page 59 here: https://www.oecd.org/about/publishing/OE...dition.pdf

EDIT 2: When trying to change the size of the font in the 'references' section for this AOP, I received the MySQL error.

  AOP Evidence Data Model Pilot Study: Seeking Feedback!
Posted by: JasonOBrien - 20 Jun 2021, 20:41 - Forum: General Questions about AOPs - No Replies

Dear AOP Developers and AOP Users,

The committee that oversees the development of the AOP-Wiki and AOP Knowledge Base (the OECD AOP-KB Subgroup) is currently considering modifications to the underlying database model that are aimed to improve the ease and transparency of how AOP information are collected, organized, reported and retrieved.

Some of these data model proposals have been/will be presented at various venues (June OECD EAGMST Meeting, SETAC North America, etc…)

Link 1: OECD EAGMST June 2021 Presentation

In this forum thread we are seeking community feedback on your thoughts and impressions on these proposed data model modifications. Some specific questions for target end-users groups that we are seeking feedback on are:

AOP Developers:
1) Do you think this model will make it easier or more difficult to input AOP evidence?
2) If this model were implemented, would you be more or less likely to contribute?

AOP Users (regulatory, scientific, …):
1) Does this model capture the information of greatest interest to you?
2) What questions or issues do you normally try to address when you decide to access the AOP-Wiki?
3) If you could design a search engine for the AOPwiki, what kind of searches would you like it to be able to conduct? What kind of inputs would you like the search to recognize? What kind of response (outputs) would you hope to get back?

Of course we welcome any and all feedback! But if you are addressing any of these specific questions, please indicated which one in your response.
Thank you for your help guiding the evolution of the AOP-KB!

-The OECD AOP-KB Subgroup

  AOP Taxonomic Applicability: Human Cell Lines
Posted by: Travis Karschnik - 10 Jun 2021, 16:48 - Forum: AOP FAQ - No Replies

Can I add human cell lines to the Taxonomic Applicability field of an AOP?
Human cell lines should not be listed in the taxonomic applicability field of an AOP.  Applicability domain should refer to a taxonomic group, life stage, and sex of regulatory/management/decision-making significance.  Since there is no regulatory aim to protect human cell lines, or to manage their exposure to chemicals or other stressors in the “real world” they are not relevant for defining the applicability domain of an AOP.

  Mystery of ROS collaboration
Posted by: Shihori Tanabe - 25 May 2021, 04:55 - Forum: Anouncements - Replies (4)

The 1st international conference to discuss on ROS (reactive oxygen species) and oxidative stress will be held on May 31st, 2021, Monday.
Recent growing demands for having some collaboration in ROS KE from multiple continents has resulted in this meeting.
Please feel free to share, and reply with your name and preferred e-mail address so that the invitation for WebEx meeting can be sent to you.

The related documents can be found the link below:

The uploading of your files to be shared for the free discussion via the link above is greatly appreciated.

<Mystery of ROS (I)>
[Date] May 31st, 2021 Monday
5:00 Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver), PDT (UTC-7)
7:00 Central America (Chicago, Duluth, Ciudad de México), CDT (UTC-5)
8:00 East Coast of the United States and Canada (New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa), EDT (UTC-4)
13:00 UK, Portugal, BST & WEST (UTC+1)
14:00 Central Europe (Paris, Genève, Rome, Berlin, Skopje, Brussel, Amsterdam, Wien, Stockholm, Oslo, København, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, European Union), CEST (UTC+2)
15:00 Eastern Europe (Helsinki, Athína), EEST (UTC+3)
20:00 China, Taiwan, Western Australia (Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Taipei, Perth), CST & AWST (UTC+8)
21:00 Japan, Korea, JST & KST (UTC+9)
22:00 Eastern Australia (Canberra, Brisbane), AEST (UTC+10)

Attached Files
.pdf   Mystery of ROS-agenda-5-21-21.pdf (Size: 74.47 KB / Downloads: 0)
.pdf   Mystery of ROS-program-5-29-21.pdf (Size: 1.32 MB / Downloads: 0)

  Guide for Coaches
Posted by: Shihori Tanabe - 21 May 2021, 02:05 - Forum: Anouncements - Replies (4)

Guide for Coaches is currently in revision status.
Please feel free to comment on your suggestions.

Attached Files
.docx   3-GuideForCoaches-6-10-21.docx (Size: 119.33 KB / Downloads: 1)
.xlsx   OECD-AOPCoaching-SumList-6-1-21.xlsx (Size: 25.93 KB / Downloads: 1)

Posted by: Shihori Tanabe - 21 May 2021, 01:27 - Forum: Anouncements - No Replies

Attached are the AOP coaches checklist and final review report (version 2021-04-15).
You can use either the word or excel version for checking AOP by Coaches or Editors.
AOPs submitted for the OECD workplan will be checked with Coaches, whereas other AOPs might be checked with journal Editors etc.

Attached Files
.xlsx   COACH-check-list-4-15-21.xlsx (Size: 13.76 KB / Downloads: 0)
.docx   CoachesChecklist-4-15-21.docx (Size: 31.06 KB / Downloads: 0)

  Modulating factors. Join the discussion
Posted by: Brigitte Landesmann - 11 May 2021, 17:54 - Forum: General Questions about AOPs - Replies (5)

Have you ever considered modulating factors (MFs) when developing your AOP?
In the CIAO project we are developing an AOP network for COVID-19 https://www.ciao-covid.net/ with MFs playing a big role.
But we are facing the challenge on how to properly describe MFs in the Wiki.
Has someone already gained experience with this? Please share your experience.
In general, should we include MFs in AOP descriptions and if yes, how? What is everyone’s opinion on this?

  MS Word and AOPWiki
Posted by: Moderator KC - 03 Mar 2021, 16:45 - Forum: AOP-Wiki Technical Assistance - Replies (1)

Is anyone interested in a Word template for AOP development. Something that would allow easier tracking of changes when working on teams, use of reference managers etc.

It would mean you will need to cut and paste in to the Wiki to start or update an AOP.