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Request for Coach - Shihori Tanabe - 14 Jul 2021

Dear Content Developers - please post your AOP proposal, page ideas, or areas of interest here if you would like to be paired with a coach for assistance in content development.

RE: Request for Coach - Egemen - 17 Nov 2021

Dear All,

I am looking for someone that coaches me regarding my AOP design and so on.

Subject : Adverse outcome pathway approach for in silico assessment of drug-induced cardiotoxicity caused by hERG inhibition.

[Image: Pathway.png]

I want to expand this pathway with all possible MIEs KEs available from other AOPs.

Please hit me up, if you are interested in.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

RE: Request for Coach - Shihori Tanabe - 19 Nov 2021

Dear Egemen,

Thank you very much for your proposal.
I will try to coordinate and look for the coach for your AOP.

The following link would lead you to the coaching information:

In the meantime, please consider submitting the proposal to OECD, since coaching is an activity according to the OECD.
Please send me a direct message via e-mail with your full name, contact address, and country name, if you need any further information.