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AOP Design - herg inhibition leads to sudden death
(15 Nov 2021, 18:05)Egemen Wrote: Dear All,

I am a PhD student on toxicology and now trying to draft my content. The subject is herg inhibition eventually leads to sudden cardiac death. I have checked tons of literatures and for my draft design, please kindly check the attachment.

But my problem here, I want to expand this pathway with the other KEs available inĀ other AOPs. However, I am struggling to find to add other MIEs and/or KEs. They may not be available but i am not sure if it can be expanded.

In addition, to create whole world with regards to my design, what platform do you recommend me to use?

Hope, this will not make you confused :)

Warm Regards,

PS: I am not sure if you can see the attachment. Please let me know about it.

Hello Egemen - I don't see your attachments. If you could send a listing of your KEs, that would help in assessing whether there might be synonymous events in the AOP-Wiki that you could link to.

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