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Mystery of ROS collaboration
Mystery of ROS III video: https://youtu.be/ECrJRUVUCPE

Mystery of ROS (MoR) Series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgE1K...N7m1Bof7T5
It is our great pleasure to announce that the 4th Mystery of ROS international conference will be held for 1 hour on May 11th 2023, Thursday.

Please register from the link:

The starting time will be
5:00 Pacific Coast of USA, Canada, PDT (UTC-7)
7:00 Central America, CDT (UTC-5)
8:00 East Coast of USA, Canada, EDT (UTC-4)
12:00 UTC / GMT
13:00 UK, Portugal, BST & WEST (UTC+1)
14:00 Central Europe, CEST (UTC+2)
15:00 Eastern Europe, EEST & TRT (UTC+3)
21:00 Japan, Korea, JST & KST (UTC+9)
22:00 Eastern Australia AEST (UTC+10)

I am looking for volunteered presenters for 10-15min presentation.
Your kind acceptance for presentation is highly appreciated by e-mail until around March 31st.

ROS International Conference: Mystery of ROS:

Reactive Oxygen Species in the Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework: Toward Creation of Harmonized Consensus Key Events:

Report of the 1st and 2nd Mystery of Reactive Oxygen Species Conferences:

Mystery of ROS collaboration (AOP FORUM):

Looking forward to your participation.

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