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AOP Evidence Data Model Pilot Study: Seeking Feedback!
Dear AOP Developers and AOP Users,

The committee that oversees the development of the AOP-Wiki and AOP Knowledge Base (the OECD AOP-KB Subgroup) is currently considering modifications to the underlying database model that are aimed to improve the ease and transparency of how AOP information are collected, organized, reported and retrieved.

Some of these data model proposals have been/will be presented at various venues (June OECD EAGMST Meeting, SETAC North America, etc…)

Link 1: OECD EAGMST June 2021 Presentation

In this forum thread we are seeking community feedback on your thoughts and impressions on these proposed data model modifications. Some specific questions for target end-users groups that we are seeking feedback on are:

AOP Developers:
1) Do you think this model will make it easier or more difficult to input AOP evidence?
2) If this model were implemented, would you be more or less likely to contribute?

AOP Users (regulatory, scientific, …):
1) Does this model capture the information of greatest interest to you?
2) What questions or issues do you normally try to address when you decide to access the AOP-Wiki?
3) If you could design a search engine for the AOPwiki, what kind of searches would you like it to be able to conduct? What kind of inputs would you like the search to recognize? What kind of response (outputs) would you hope to get back?

Of course we welcome any and all feedback! But if you are addressing any of these specific questions, please indicated which one in your response.
Thank you for your help guiding the evolution of the AOP-KB!

-The OECD AOP-KB Subgroup

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