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Request for Coach
Dear Content Developers - please post your AOP proposal, page ideas, or areas of interest here if you would like to be paired with a coach for assistance in content development.
Dear All,

I am looking for someone that coaches me regarding my AOP design and so on.

Subject : Adverse outcome pathway approach for in silico assessment of drug-induced cardiotoxicity caused by hERG inhibition.

[Image: Pathway.png]

I want to expand this pathway with all possible MIEs KEs available from other AOPs.

Please hit me up, if you are interested in.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Dear Egemen,

Thank you very much for your proposal.
I will try to coordinate and look for the coach for your AOP.

The following link would lead you to the coaching information:

In the meantime, please consider submitting the proposal to OECD, since coaching is an activity according to the OECD.
Please send me a direct message via e-mail with your full name, contact address, and country name, if you need any further information.

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