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Test Methods
Key Events must be measurable and detectable in order to play a role in an AOP. That is also the reason why there is a free text section "How it is measured or detected" on the Key Event page. However, this loose and verbal description does not reflect the importance of the link between a specific key event and the test method(s) it can be measured with (and the other way round). In addition, the role of the "stressors" as triggers of key events was downgraded in the AOP-Wiki to that of "prototypical stressors", i.e. ones that e.g. a test method developer can use as positive control.

This means that the proper linkage between possible real-life stressors (beyond prototypical stressors) that can trigger a KE and that KE must be established via the test method:

- A stressor is tested using a certain test method
- In the AOP-Wiki, this test method is stored and earmarked as relevant for a certain Key Event
- Thereby the link between the stressor and the Key Event is established: Depending on the result of the test, the stressor is either implicated in the key event or not.

The management of test methods in the AOP-Wiki should therefore be enhanced:

- The data model should feature a distinct object "test method"
- The attributes of this object can be derived from various guidance documents on how to describe test methods
- In order to simplify the work for the AOP authors, a two level hierarchy might be appropriate: a more general "Type of Measurement" object (e.g. "Radioimmunoassay") with an 1:n relationship to a more concrete "Test Method" (in this example e.g. "Abnova", or "CreativeBiolabs")
- Note: The AOP-Wiki should only describe the method (and link it to Key Events), but not actual test results. That is done by third party systems, e.g. the Endocrine Active Substances Information System (EASIS), which provides OECD Harmonized Templates-formated NAM test results.

The following use cases must be supported:

- The AOP author can quickly create a Type of Measurement and link it to a Key Event.
- Test method developers can create actual Test Methods and link them to the Type of Measurement
- Links from the Test Methods and Types of Measurement to third party test method repositories must be possible


- More visible and actionable link between a test method and a key event
- Stressors are finally treated properly (via the test method link) and the AOP-Wiki still remains "chemical-agnostic"
- A whole new audience is attracted tot he AOP-Wiki: the test method developers
I am co-leader of the OECD AOP-KB development group - if you have any suggestions for the AOP-Wiki, please let me know!

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