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Alignment of the AOP-Wiki with the FAIR principles
This thread is meant to start discussions around FAIRification of the AOP-Wiki.

Details about the FAIR principles can be found here: https://www.go-fair.org/fair-principles/

In summary, the FAIR principles support machine-readability and reuse of data/information/knowledge. The acronym stands for:
Findability - facilitated e.g. by rich annotation of (meta)data using persistent identifiers and ontologies
Accessibility - facilitated e.g. by standardized communication protocols
Interoperability - facilitated e.g. by formal, accessible and broadly shared languages and vocabularies (e.g. ontologies), as well as qualified references to related information (links to other databases)
Reusability - facilitated e.g. by clear reuse licenses and detailed provenance

Some initial low-hanging fruit can be suggested to support increased FAIRness of the AOP-Wiki, including:
- researcher ORCID:s for AOP developers and coaches
- doi:s for references
- KE component use broadened
- annotation of e.g. genes/proteins with commonly accepted identifiers or vocabulary, e.g. HUGO Gene Nomeclatur (HGNC)

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