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Incosistencies between XML and AOP-Wiki displayed content
With the advent of Wiki 2.6 we dusted off a bit our XML parser to make it ready for the new AOP-Wiki features.

We discovered 3 possible inconsistencies and I thought it would be best to report them here.

So here there are:

1) No tag in the XML for "Strategy" subsection (under "AOP Development Strategy" section).

How to reproduce:

Example is AOP 423. Go to https://aopwiki.org/aops/423 and https://aopwiki.org/aops/423.xml Note that while "Context" is listed in the XML unde "/aop/background" the "Strategy" content although visible in the wiki is not found in the XML. Search for "In this stud" to verify.

2) No tag in the XML for "Known Modulating Factors" subsection (under "Overall Assessment of the AOP" section).

3) Duplication of content under "/aop/essentiality-support" and "/aop/overall-assessment/key-event-essentiality-summary".

How to reproduce:

Example is again AOP 405. Go to https://aopwiki.org/aops/405 and https://aopwiki.org/aops/405.xml Search for "AChE is a serine" in both tabs. It will be found one time in the AOP-Wiki display page and 2 times in the XML.

Hopefully these are (will be)  fixed for 2.6.
There are some more missing XML tags in the KER section.

All missing missing XML tags that I found are listed below:

  1. AOP/AOP Development Strategy/Strategy
  2. AOP/Overall Assessment of the AOP/Known Modulating Factors
  3. KER/Evidence Collection Strategy
  4. KER/Known modulating factors
  5. KER/Quantitative Understanding Description/Response-response Relationship
  6. KER/Quantitative Understanding Description/Time-scale
  7. KER/Quantitative Understanding Description/Known Feedforward/Feedback loops influencing this KER

I think also that the XSD schema is out of date and requires a revision. The XSD is here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/swandl...urrent.xsd as listed in https://aopwiki.org/info_pages/5 but I may be wrong on that.

Thanks for your attention.

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