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Event Title

Ca++ ATPase, Inhibition
Short name: Ca++ ATPase, Inhibition

Key Event Overview

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AOPs Including This Key Event

AOP Name Event Type Essentiality
Calcium-mediated neuronal ROS production and energy imbalance MIE

Chemical Initiators

The following are chemical initiators that operate directly through this Event:

  1. Lead(II)

Taxonomic Applicability

Name Scientific Name Evidence Links

Level of Biological Organization

Biological Organization

How this Key Event works

Pb(II) has been shown to decrease Ca++ ATPase activity, leading to an increase in intracellular calcium. It is not known exactly how this works; however, it may be through Pb++ competition with Ca++ [1]

How it is Measured or Detected

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Evidence Supporting Taxonomic Applicability


  1. He, T, et al. 2009. Chronic lead exposure alters presynaptic calcium regulation and synaptic facilitation in Drosophila larvae. NeuroToxicology 30(5): 777-84.