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Event Title

swimming speed, Reduced

Key Event Overview

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AOPs Including This Key Event

AOP Name Event Type Essentiality
Sodium channel inhibition leading to reduced survival KE Moderate
sodium channel inhibition leading to increased predation KE Moderate
Ether-a-go-go (ERG) voltage-gated potassium channel inhibition leading to reduced survival KE Moderate

Taxonomic Applicability

Name Scientific Name Evidence Links
medaka Oryzias latipes Strong NCBI
Gammarus pulex Gammarus pulex Strong NCBI
Hydra attenuata Hydra vulgaris Moderate NCBI

Level of Biological Organization

Biological Organization

How this Key Event works

How it is Measured or Detected

The swimming speed may be measured by the use of an aquatic tunnel, wherein the researcher controls the speed of the water flow (see Tierney, 2001), or by using video equipment to record the distance the organism swims within a period of time (e.g., Kavitha and Rao, 2007).

Evidence Supporting Taxonomic Applicability


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