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Event Title

ChREBP, Activation
Short name: ChREBP, Activation

Key Event Overview

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AOPs Including This Key Event

AOP Name Event Type Essentiality
LXR activation leading to hepatic steatosis KE
NR1I3 (CAR) suppression leading to hepatic steatosis KE Moderate

Taxonomic Applicability

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Level of Biological Organization

Biological Organization

How this Key Event works

ChREBP is an LXR target that independently enhances the up-regulation of select lipogenic genes. The up-regulation of the ChREBP target gene is through liver-type pyruvate kinase (L-PK). Therefore, activation of LXR not only increases ChREBP mRNA via enhanced transcription but also modulates its activity [1]. In the liver, ChREBP mediates activation of several regulatory enzymes of glycolysis and lipogenesis including L-PK, acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACC), and fatty acid synthase (FAS). However, according to the study of Denechaud increase in the glucose flux in the cell is a prerequisite for ChREBP activation from T0901317 in mice [2].

How it is Measured or Detected

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Evidence Supporting Taxonomic Applicability


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