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De Novo FA, Synthesis
Short name: De Novo FA, Synthesis

Key Event Overview

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LXR activation leading to hepatic steatosis KE

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How this Key Event works

A number of pathways and a great number of enzymes like GK, L-PK, ACC, FAS and SCD-1 are involved in the de novo FA synthesis [1]. As it is already discussed above these enzymes are induced by LXR agonists (FAS, SCD1), the SREBP-1c (GK, ACC, FAS) and the ChREBP (L-PK, ACC, FAS) leading to enhancement of the de novo FA synthesis.


Figure 1. Metabolic pathway for de novo FA synthesis and TG formation [1]

As proposed from Diraison et al 1997 the de novo FA synthesis contributes maximum 5% to the synthesis of FA and TG under normal conditions. Conditions associated with high rates of lipogenesis, such as low fat - high carbohydrate (LF/HC) diet, hyperglycemia, and hyperinsulinemia are associated with a shift in cellular metabolism from lipid oxidation to TG esterification, thereby increasing the availability of TGs derived from VLDL synthesis and secretion.

How it is Measured or Detected

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Evidence Supporting Taxonomic Applicability


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