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Event Title

Increased susceptibility to infection, Increase

Key Event Overview

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AOPs Including This Key Event

AOP Name Event Type Essentiality
The Adverse Outcome Pathway on binding of FK506-binding protein 12 (FKBP12) by calcineurin inhibitors leading to immunosuppression AO [[Aop:154#Essentiality of the Key Events|]]

Taxonomic Applicability

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Affected Organs

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Level of Biological Organization

Biological Organization

How this Key Event works

Complications from infection as a side-effect of administering FK506 was found to be similar to that of cyclosporin A (Ekberg et al. 2007), and recipients of liver transplants treated with FK506 were found to have suffered bacterial, viral, and fungal infections (Alessiani et al. 1991, Fung et al. 1991).

How it is Measured or Detected

Evidence Supporting Taxonomic Applicability