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To foster the spirit of active collaboration, the AOP wiki does not enforce edit restrictions on the AOP-related pages. Please help us keep this open structure and encourage the free flow of ideas by abiding by the following rules:

  • Please do not directly edit an AOP page unless you are part of that AOP development team or have previously received permission from the lead of that team. If you have comments on any AOP in the system, you are encouraged to use the "Talk" tab for that page to raise the issue for discussion.
  • If you receive comments on the "Talk" page for your AOP, please make every attempt to address them. This can include edits to your AOP, responses on the "Talk" page itself, or both. This will not only generate good will with your AOP neighbors, but it should also make the OECD endorsement process move more quickly when that time comes.
  • Please do not make major edits to Key Event or Adverse Outcome pages unless they relate to an AOP you are developing or you have previously received permission from the lead of a team responsible for the page.
  • If your AOP shares a Key Event or Adverse Outcome with another AOP being developed by a different team, please try to collaborate on the editing a single page. The system works best if we don't have duplicative entities. Please don't delete large sections of text (particularly written by a different group) without a discussion on the "Talk" page first.

General guidelines on proper wiki etiquette can be found here.