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!Upstream Event
!Upstream Event
!Downstream Event/Outcome
!Downstream Event/Outcome
|[[Event:571|Aging, Accelerated]]||[[Event:572|Number of worker bees, Decrease]]

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Key Event Relationship Overview

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Description of Relationship

Upstream Event Downstream Event/Outcome
Aging, Accelerated Number of worker bees, Decrease

AOPs Referencing Relationship

AOP Name Type of Relationship Weight of Evidence Quantitative Understanding

Taxonomic Applicability

Name Scientific Name Evidence Links

How Does This Key Event Relationship Work

Weight of Evidence

Biological Plausibility

Empirical Support for Linkage

Include consideration of temporal concordance here

Uncertainties or Inconsistencies

Quantitative Understanding of the Linkage

Is it known how much change in the first event is needed to impact the second? Are there known modulators of the response-response relationships? Are there models or extrapolation approaches that help describe those relationships?

Evidence Supporting Taxonomic Applicability