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    Jason M. O'Brien

    On December 21, 2017 10:22

    Dear Authors of AOP 107,

    The internal review of your AOP is now complete. The concencus from the reviewers was that this is an excellent AOP, that is overall well supported by the literature, and will have a clear regulatory application. However, there is some documentation missing from key sections of the AOP, some conflicts regarding the modularity of the individual components of the AOP, and some other minor issues. These issue will need to be resolved before this AOP can progress to the external review. Please find the specific comments from all three reviewers in the attached file (Internal review-AOP107-All Reviewers-Dec 21-2017.docx). And please do not hestitate to contact us if you need clarification or guidance on how to address these issues.

    Looking forward to seeing the revised version of this AOP.



    Jason O’Brien, PhD

    Research Scientist, Molecular Ecotoxicology

    Wildlife Toxicology Research Section

    Environment and Climate Change Canada

    Tel: 613-998-7384

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    Shihori Tanabe

    On December 10, 2017 23:03

    Please find the attached file as responses for AOP107 internal review. Thank you.

    Shihori Tanabe, Ph. D.
    Senior Researcher
    Division of Risk Assessment
    Biological Safety Research Center
    National Institute of Health Sciences
    3-25-26, Tonomachi, Kawasaki-ku,
    Kawasaki, 210-9501, Japan
    Phone: +81-44-270-6686

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    Ye Lin Jun

    On November 17, 2017 04:48

    AOP 107 Internal Review Charge Questions Template (Nov 2017)

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