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Before You Start

Policies & Guidance

We ask that all users abide by the AOP Wiki Editing & Comments Policy. In order to comment on existing AOPs, Key Events, and Key Event Relationships, you need to first create an account. If you have not done so, instructions are available. All registered users may comment on any page in the wiki as long as they abide by the AOP Wiki Editing & Comments Policy. To make a comment, simply click the "Comment" button on the left side of the page. To author or edit AOPs requires special permissions as described below. Helpful information for authors is available here: Special Considerations for AOP-Wiki Authors.


Online training is available here:  This includes both a history and overview course on the AOP framework as well as a course focused on the AOP-Wiki.


Will include a list of publications soon to provide some general background for AOP authors.

Contributing to the AOP Wiki

Creating a Wiki Account

First a new user has to self-register at the AOP Wiki site by clicking the "sign up" link in the top banner of the AOP Wiki main page:

In the next page, the new user has to give his Email-Address (which will then also be the user name) and a password:

The password must include at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number and one special character (e.g. !@#$%^&*-).

The new user will receive an Email with instructions to activate his account.

Once the email has been validated, a signed in user can submit comments via the “Discussion” pages associated with each page in the AOP-wiki. For full author rights, see the section below.


Requesting Author Access

The procedure to get write access to the AOP Wiki consists of two steps:

1) Create a user account

2) Request author access


Create a user account

See instructions for creating a user account here:

Please note: This account does not yet automatically entitle the new user to edit or add information in the Wiki!


Request author access

(Write) access rights to the Wiki are managed by the Society for the Advancement of AOPs (SAAOP).

On the website of the SAAOP, users can download a form (MS Word format) with which to apply for write access:

The user must fill in the form (see below for more information) and send it to

Author access can be obtained in one of two ways:

  • Option 1 – Approval of an AOP-development project with the OECD AOP Development Workplan:  Author access to the AOP-Wiki may be obtained by submitting an AOP-development proposal to the OECD AOP development Programme workplan. A link to the AOP project proposal form   and instructions can be found at   Project proposals are reviewed twice per year. Once a project has been approved, author access will automatically be granted to any verified member of the project team by noting the OECD project on the author request form.
  • Option 2 -  Obtain access via the Society for Advancement of AOPs (SAAOP):  Author access to the AOP-Wiki can be obtained by submitting a brief author access application to the SAAOP.  For this option, the user must provide a brief description of their intended contribution along with the general information outlined below.

Regardless of which option is chosen, the requestor must confirm that they have read the “rights and responsibilities” defined for contributors to the AOP-Wiki and provide a list of the AOP-Wiki Usernames and affiliation information for all users requesting access. Author access applications submitted to the SAAOP are typically reviewed within 2 working days of submission. 

Creating & Editing AOPS

AOP Pages

Brief summary coming soon.

Detailed instructions are available here:

Key Event Pages

Brief summary coming soon.

Detailed instructions are available here:

Key Event Relationship Pages

Brief summary coming soon.

Detailed instructions are available here:

Stressor Pages

Brief summary coming soon.

Detailed instructions are available here:

Adding Pictures or Attachments to Text Sections

Abrief text description is provided below.  Follow this link for a version that includes screenshots:  Adding Picture or Attachments to Text Sections (including screenshots).

The formatting toolbar at the top of each text edit field includes icons for inserting either a link to a file or embedding an image. To use these tools, however, you must first upload the file to the server (unless the file is already available on the web).  In order to do this, you need to click on the "Add pictures" button at the top of the page.

On the subsequent page, you will click on the button labelled "New picture" at the top of the page and upload the desired file from your local computer.  The Image Title should contain a short but informative label for your file.  This is particularly important for non-image files because the content will not be displayed on the page listing the files.  Once you've uploaded the desired file, right click on the file when looking at the list of all files for that AOP/KE/Relationship and select the "Copy link location" or "Copy image location" depending on the type of file you uploaded (see below for an example of a PDF file). After you have copied the link for the desired file, return to the AOP/KE/Relationship edit page insert your file link.  The process is slightly different for an image vs. a file. 

To insert a link to a file, type the text you wish to display for the link.  In the example below, "Table 2" was typed into the appropriate location in the edit box. Highlight the text you just typed and click the "Link" icon in the formatting bar as shown above.  In the dialog box that opens, paste the link you copied in the previous step.  Advanced options are available but not necessary.  Simply click OK unless you wish to set additional settings.  When you click the "Update AOP" button, you will now have a hyperlink associated with the text you entered at the appropriate place in your text field.

When inserting an image, you do not need to type any text.  Just place your cursor at the desired location in the text box and click the "Image" link in the formatting bar as shown above.  In the dialog box that opens, paste the link to the image file you uploaded in the earlier step.  The inserted image will now shown on the web page itself. This dialog box also has additional options should you wish to set them, but you can just click OK once you've pasted the link.


User Profile & Preferences

Coming Soon

Additional help on customizing the user profile is coming soon

Viewing and Commenting on AOPs


Each AOP, Key Event, Key Event Relationship, and Stressor page has a comment button located in the top right corner of the page.  All registered users are welcome to comment on any of these pages.  AOP authors are encouraged to respond to comments on their AOP pages as well as associated pages where the comments are relevant to their AOP.