Finding Pages

Redirects to the old wiki

Why do I see the old wiki (https://aopwiki.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) when I try to access the main page of the new wiki (https://aopwiki.org)?

If you are using the Firefox web browser, this is due to the browser saving a cache of the location for the old web site locally on your computer.  To fix it, follow the instructions under the “Clear the cache” section in this link:


If you experience this problem with a browser other than Firefox please notify us at aopwiki@googlegroups.com, and we will post the solution for those browsers too.

Login Problems

Original wiki login no longer active

I'm trying to login to the wiki with my email and password, but I am getting a login error.

The most likely possibility is that you are using the login page from the original wiki.  The new “wiki” doesn’t use any of the original wiki features including the login page.  You want to use the “Login” link at the top of the new pages (at the far right of the black navigation bar at the top). 

If you are trying to access this link (https://aopwiki.org). and do not see a black bar at the top of the page, it is likely that your browser has stored an old cache of the original wiki. If this is the case for you, please check the instructions in the Finding Pages section above.

Once you see a black navigation bar at the top of your main page, click the sign-in button to the right of that bar.  After you reach the sign-in page, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to reset your password.  Your original password will not work with the new version of the wiki. 

Editing and Formatting

Reordering tables

My Key Events, Relationships, etc. are out of order in my summary table.  How do I reorder the table rows to match the order in my AOP?

When logged in with author privileges, this can be done on the viewing page without the need to click the edit button.  Simply click and drag the row to the desired location within the table then release the click to place the row in the new location.  You will see the other rows shift as you move the selected row up and down in the table and a flash of yellow as the row settles into the new location.

Editing tables from original wiki

How do I edit tables that were created in the original wiki?

In this case, you have two options.  If you would like to keep the original wiki table and format, you can simply cut the table out of the text field (Ctrl-X or Scissors icon in the formatting bar) and paste the whole table into Microsoft Word or another HTML compatible word processor. Note that if the table is the only text in the text field, the easiest way to select the table is by pressing Ctrl-A to select the whole text field.  You can do this even if other text exists in the field, you will just need to remember to include the extra text when you put the revised table back into the wiki in the next step.  You can then edit the table as desired in the word processing program. After you complete your edits, you cut the whole table and paste (Ctrl-V or the first clipboard option in the formatting bar) the table back into the text field on the wiki.

MySQL Error

What does the following error message mean when trying to enter text?

MySQL Error: Make sure that '[column name here]' doesn't have any special characters.

This occurs sometimes when trying to paste special characters from Word documents. The problem is caused by the character encoding not being recognized by the database that holds the wiki information. The most common examples we've found have been greek letters.  Often, you can find another option in Word to get the same greek letter that will be compatible. Alternatively, you can delete the character in Word and insert the symbol using the text editor in the wiki itself. We apologize for the incovenience.

Changing the Author Status

How do I change the author status for my AOP?

The author status is actually changed on the same page where you edit the text boxes, so you first have to click the blue Edit in the set of buttons in the top right:

Once you’re on the edit page, the dropdown for the status is just below the author text box.

We understand that this may be confusing because both the contributor list and the point of contact are modified direclty on the main page for the AOP.  The author status will likely move to that page as well in the near future.

Page display too small when viewing Snapshots

When viewing my PDF snapshot, the text is too small to see. How do I fix it?

Some users may experience an issue when viewing the pdf version of a snapshot, where the pdf downloads but the text is too small to view. This is being caused by an error with preformatted text. To avoid this issue, the author should remove any preformatted text (viewable in the snapshot as a line of text going all the way across the page) from their AOP.

Internet Explorer

Why do some of the buttons in the wiki not work when I click them?

The implementation of the tools for adding key events, key event relationships, stressors, etc. to AOP pages requires modern web browsers to function properly.  Unfortunately, these are not compatible with the Internet Explorer, which is no longer under active development and is being replaced by the new Edge browser developed by Microsoft. We apologize for the incovenience, but the added capabilities were deemed substantial enough to break the backward compatibility with this browser.  Each AOP-Wiki release is tested using the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, and we have had no reports of issues using the Safari browser on MacOS.  Please try one of these browsers if you are having trouble with Internet Explorer.  Note that the issues are specific to certain author functions.  The ability to view content and comment on the information in the AOP-Wiki should work in Internet Explorer.

Page History

Notifications for changes

How do I get notifications when changes are made to my AOP or the associated KE or KER pages?

To get notified for an AOP and all associated pages, you simply click the "Watch" button in the top right corner of the page.  This is a toggle button, so you are watching a page if the icon shows a checkmark in the box and not watching if the box is empty.  If you want to watch an AOP page but not all of the associated pages (or only certain associated pages), you can select individual pages by clicking on your name in the top corner of the wiki when you're logged in and selecting "My Profile" in the dropdown list.  All pages on your watch list are shown in the bottom right corner of your profile page with individual checkboxes for each page.  Unchecking the box will remove your watch for that page.

To receive notifications, you must also make sure you are subscribed for email notifications.  This check box is in the top right corner of the profile page.  By default users are subscribed for email notifications, so this should be checked unless you have previously changed it.


Resolution of figures

Why is the resolution of the figures in my snapshot lower than the resolution on the AOP page itself?

This is an inherent limitation of the available PDF conversion tools. There is an html version of the snapshot that will have the high resolution figures (see below).  For offline use, the user would need to use the html snapshot to create an acceptable version using their own publishing tools. If you have Adobe Acrobat software, there are some instructions for increasing the image resolution here:  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1300445. Once you have adjusted the settings, you can create the PDF directly from the html snapshot by selecting the "Create from web page" option.  If users have instructions for other software tools, please pass them along and we will update this entry.

Citing the AOP-Wiki

Entire AOP-Wiki

  • Reference:  Society for Advancement of AOPs. [year]. AOP-Wiki. [Cited date]. Available from http://aopwiki.org.
  • Text citation:  (Society for Advancement of AOPs, [year])
  • URL citation.  (aopwiki.org)

Specific AOP, Event, or Relationship Pages

Cite the page-specific URL

  • AOP Pages*: https://aopwiki.org/aops/[AOP ID number]; e.g., https://aopwiki.org/aops/25 
  • Event pages:  https://aopwiki.org/events/[Event page ID number]; e.g., https://aopwiki.org/events/285 
  • Relationship pages:  https://aopwiki.org/relationships/[Relationship ID number]; e.g., https://aopwiki.org/relationships/94

* Note - before citing a specific AOP page, please check the "author status" field to determine whether it is open for citation. If the status reads "under development, not open for comment, do not cite", the page should not be cited without permission from the contact author. 

Citing a Snapshot

  • Because the content on AOP-Wiki pages may evolve over time, to cite the content as it was observed on a given date, please create and cite a snapshot.
  • After creating the snapshot, cite the URL associated with that snapshot; e.g., https://aopwiki.org/aopwiki/snapshot/html_file/25-2020-08-14T12:40:08+00:00.html 
  • Note, you must be logged in as an AOP author to create a snapshot.  If you do not have author access to the AOP-Wiki, please contact aopwiki@googlegroups.com to request a snapshot.  Please specify the AOP page you would like a snapshot of (all linked Event and Relationship pages will be included) and a short title for your snapshot and request that the URL for the snapshot be sent to you.