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Increase, Increased susceptibility to infection

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Increase, Increased susceptibility to infection

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IL-1 inhibition AdverseOutcome



Taxonomic Applicability


Term Scientific Term Evidence Link
Homo sapiens Homo sapiens High NCBI
Mus musculus Mus musculus High NCBI
Rattus norvegicus Rattus norvegicus High NCBI

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Life stage Evidence
All life stages High

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Term Evidence
Unspecific High

Key Event Description


The protection of host against microbial infection depends on both innate and acquired immunity. In particular, both T cell and antibody production by B cells play a principal role.

How It Is Measured or Detected


By comparison of the incidence of infection between individuals exposed to stressors and non-exposed individuals.

Domain of Applicability


The increased susceptibility to infection caused by IL-1RA or anti-IL-1 antibody has been reported in both humans and mice. (Fleischmann et al., 2003; De Benedetti et al., 2018; Hirsch et al., 1996)

Evidence for Perturbation by Stressor

Regulatory Significance of the Adverse Outcome


After L-1R antagonist or neutralizing antibody such as IL-1Ra (generic anakinra), canakinumab (anti-IL-1b antibody) and rilonacept (soluble IL-1R) became available to treat some of autoinflammatory syndromes, it became clear that these inhibitors increased the frequency of serious bacterial infection (De Benedetti et al., 2018; Genovese et al., 2004; Imagawa et al., 2013; Kullenberg et al., 2016; Lachmann et al., 2009; Lequerre et al., 2008; Migkos et al., 2015; Schlesinger et al., 2012; Yokota et al., 2017).



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