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Androgen receptor (AR) antagonism leading to short anogenital distance (AGD) in male (mammalian) offspring

Finasteride is a selective androgen receptor (AR) antagonist (Simard et al 1986) that has been shown to induce shorter male AGD in rats after in utero exposure (Foster & Harris 2005; Hass et al 2007; Kita et al 2016; McIntyre et al 2001; Mylchreest et al 1999; Scott et al 2007; Welsh et al 2007).



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Androgen receptor (AR) antagonism leading to decreased fertility in females

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Decreased, Androgen receptor activity

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Impaired, Spermatogenesis

Flutamide impairs spermatogenesis in adult male zebrafish (Yin et al., 2017)

Male fathead minnows exposed to flutamide show spermatocyte degredation and necrosis in their testis (Jensen et al., 2004)

Antagonism, Androgen receptor

Using the AR-CALUX reporter assay in antagonism mode, flutamide showed an IC50 of 1.3 uM (Sonneveld et al, 2005).

decrease, male anogenital distance

Flutamide has been shown to cause decreased male AGD in rats following intrauterine exposure to doses between 16-100 mg/kg bw/day (Foster & Harris, 2005; Hass et al, 2007; Kita et al, 2016; McIntyre et al, 2001; Mylchreest et al, 1999; Scott et al, 2007; Welsh et al, 2007).

Decreased, Transcription of genes by AR

Analysis of androgen-regulated gene expression in the LNCaP prostate cancer cell line (Ngan et al. 2009) and using the AR-CALUX reporter assay in antagonism mode, flutamide showed an IC50 of 1.3 uM (Sonneveld et al. 2005).

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