Stressor: 337


Chemical name selected from established chemical ontologies or, depending on the information available, this could also refer to chemical categories (i.e., groups of chemicals with defined structural features known to trigger the MIE).  It can also include non-chemical prototypical stressors such as genetic or environmental factors. More help


Stressor Overview

A structured data field that can be used to annotate an AOP with standardized terms identifying prototypical stressors known to trigger the MIE(s)/AOP. More help

AOPs Including This Stressor

This table is automatically generated and lists the AOPs associated with this prototypical stressor. More help

Chemical Table

A list of chemicals associated with a prototypical stressor. More help
Preferred name DTXID Casrn jchem_inchi_key indigo_inchi_key User term
Bleomycin DTXSID1030862 11056-06-7 Bleomycin


List of the literature that was cited for this prototypical stressor. More help
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