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Treatment-resistant gastric cancer

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Resistant gastric cancer

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Chronic ROS leading to human treatment-resistant gastric cancer AdverseOutcome



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Homo sapiens Homo sapiens High NCBI

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All life stages High

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Unspecific High

Key Event Description


Drug resistance is involved in EMT, which is an important phenomenon exhibiting the feature similar to cancer stem cells (CSCs) (Du & Shim, 2016).

EMT is involved in metastasis and therapy resistance (Smith & Bhowmick, 2016).

Diffuse-type gastric cancer which has a poor prognosis may be related to EMT (Tanabe, Aoyagi, Yokozaki, & Sasaki, 2014).

How It Is Measured or Detected


Cancer malignancy and EMT can be detected with biomarkers (Zeisberg & Neilson, 2009).

EMT can be detected as the increase level of the transcription factors, Zeb, Twist and Snail, related to the activation of EMT-related genes.

Domain of Applicability


Drug resistance occurs in Homo sapiens (Du & Shim, 2016).

Regulatory Significance of the Adverse Outcome


Cancer resistance is very important in the cancer treatment, since the cancer metastasis and recurrence are one of the main obstacles to treat cancer.



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