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Perflourinated chemicals

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Interference with thyroid serum binding protein transthyretin and subsequent adverse human neurodevelopmental toxicity

Some PFCs have been found to bind to TTR more strongly than T4 and been implicated as thyroid toxicants that could act through transport protein displacement (Boas et al 2012; Coperchini et al 2017; Gutshall et al 1989; Ren et al 2016; Weiss et al 2015; Zhang et al 2015).  Zhang et al (2016) determined the X-ray structures of TTR-PFOA and TTR-PFOS. Evidence of interference with thyroid function and/or TH concentrations has been reported in both animals (Chang et al 2008; Yu et al 2009) and human (Ballesteros et al 2016; Dallaire et al 2009; Preau et al 2014; Wang et al 2014), including evidence of transplacental transfer (Yang et al 2016).


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